Racing Hearts Book Two by Laura Lascarso

Racing Hearts - Laura Lascarso

I read this while interning at Leap Books where I am now a JP.

This is the continuation and conclusion to Jesse and Brooke's romance. Although I really wish I could have a book three because I can see where there could be so much more to tell.

Book two leads us up to the big race and the competition building between Jesse and Brook and the strain in puts on their relationship. There are also some pretty heavy family issues brought to light that were handled brilliantly by the author. You really felt for the people involved and started rooting for things to turn out for them.

The race itself was soooooo intense (I'd add so more o's there, but it might look bad). A perfect climax for the story and, again, Laura Lascarso wrote the racing bits in a way that I was able to really understand and fall into completely. The ending was amazingly beautiful. The kind I go back and read over and over.