Racing Hearts Book One by Laura Lascarso

Racing Hearts: Book One - Laura Lascarso

I read this while interning at Leap Books, where I am now a JP.

This was a really fun romance. There was a hint of Romeo and Juliet, but not so much that I would have noticed if it hadn't been pointed out to me. Jesse is an amazing guy - but not perfect. He screws up, but he really doesn't mean to and he tries to make it better. Brook is a bit full of herself at times, and I dislike that she expects Jesse to lie for her, but that's what happens in life sometimes.

I really enjoyed the racing aspect - and I'm not a racing fan! Laura Lascarso was able to bring the art of making a race car - well, raceable (that's not a word according to spell check) - she brought it to life in a way that my totally car-illiterate mind could see.

This isn't a cliffhanger, but to see the full romance you do need to read book two.