Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning

Bloodfever (Fever #2) - Karen Marie Moning

I can really see why this series is so popular. MacKayla is the type of character that just about anyone can relate to, and I love her attitude with all the crazy crap going on around her. A couple mysteries are solved in this one, but a million more are presented.

Baron's is just as mysterious as ever, if not more so, and I'm still wondering what his real motives are. V'lane seems to be playing nice, or at least trying to, but you can never really tell with the fae. But he definitely adds an important element to the story. Not quite danger, but it could turn that way very quickly.

There's some grossness, some sweetness, some breakdowns, and some enlightening moments. Such a fun story to just fall into. MacKayla's constant changing perspective continues to be more and more interesting.