Finding His Way Home by Mia Ross

Finding His Way Home - Mia Ross

Mia Ross is my go to for sweet romances with some amazing characters and lots of emotion. She wraps up her Barrett's Mill series with a wonderful pair that you just fall in love with. I'd liked Jenna from the moment I met her in a previous book. She is the epitome of the wandering artist without a care in the world. Her carefree spirit was contagious, but she was still grounded enough to appreciate the community around her.

Scott has a record in his past, quite literally. He's on parole and being stuck in his small home town where everyone knows everything is very difficult. He finds there are two groups of people - those that want to give him a chance to prove himself, and those that judge him and want nothing to do with him. As he isolates himself at his grandfather's "homestead", using his time to fix the place up, Jenna was exactly what he needed in his life.

Watching the two of them bring out parts in each other that no one realizes were even there was so much fun. While there is a hint at religion here and there - do not let that scare you away from this series or from Mia Ross. There's no hitting you over the head with a bible in this one, just a sweet romance in a small town.