Sinfully Yours by Cara Elliott

Sinfully Yours - Cara Elliott

Such a fun story!!  I loved the Sloane sisters and their scandalous writing habits.  Running behind for her deadline, Anna agrees to attend a summer party to find some quiet writing time.  Instead she finds Davenport. A handsome man with quite a reputation - and not a good one. He is on the hunt for a potential murderer, but the attractive Anna i causing a distraction.

I really enjoyed how the two characters interacted - how all of the characters did actually. Grumpy old scots, meddling mamas, and nosy maids really helped make the story jump off the pages. As Anna and Davenport try to find out who is planning murder and how, they go down several false rabbit hole and I loved how the suspense was drawn out. I was very happy with just about everything in the story.

One little thing stood out that I didn't really care for, and that was how Anna and Davenport first hooked up. It had a hint of manipulation - not much, but just a tad and it just didn't fit with who they were everywhere else.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*