Betrayed by Your Kiss by Laura Landon

Betrayed by Your Kiss - Laura Landon

So much potential that just didn't seem to get where it should.  Lady Olivia believes the love of her life to be dead - until he shows back up again looking for revenge.  I just had a hard time buying that he would be that upset about her actions.  So upset that he was set to ruin her life and take everything away from her.  How could I like a "hero" like that? Yes there were things that happened to him that changed who he was, but there really needed to be some more redeeming qualities to him.

Lady Olivia wasn't very smart for being an intelligent woman.  With betrayal all around her, she doesn't seem to notice that someone is out to hurt her business.  She's also too humble to point out all the things she did for Damien while he was "dead".  He never seems to realize that she's the one that kept things going for him and she never really speaks up when she has the chance.

There was just too much that didn't quite make sense and line up for me.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*