The Originals: The Rise

The Originals: The Rise - Julie Plec

This paranormal story allowed me to indulge in my guilty pleasure - The Originals.  I love their story even more than I love Vampire Diaries.  It will definitely help to have watched parts of the shows to understand the basic history and lore behind the Mikaelson family, but if you haven't you can still just enjoy the story.

The Rise really highlighted each sibling's strongest personality trait - almost too much so.  Elijah was the controlling planner, Klaus was the hot-headed impulsive one, and Rebekah was just sort of lost because she cares too much about everything.  I think she was my greatest disappointment.  She has become a much stronger person since this story took place and I was sad not to see that part of her character more.

It was fun to watch their beginnings in New Orleans and see how the start of all the fueds between the various species began.  This is a must read for fans of the series.  It ties in well with what I've seen of the series and really opens up the family's past, making how they act now even more exciting.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*