Touch of Passion by Bronwen Evans

A Touch of Passion - Bronwen Evans

This was a pretty good story.  There was a lot more adventure and action than I usually see in a historical romance, which I really enjoyed.  What just didn't quite work for me was the resistance between the characters.

Portia is determined to marry for love, and to do that she must make Grayson fall in love with her.  But throughout the story, it's rather obvious that he has fallen in love, but he just is far too stubborn to even admit it to himself.  When Portia believes that he doesn't love her, then she goes off in another direction.  It was just too much pulling apart "just because" for my taste.  They both needed to just get their heads on straight and work it all out.

The mystery behind who is out to get the Libertine Scholars was the best part of the story.  I really want to know who this mysterious plotter is, because they are very good at causing all sorts of trouble.  We find out quite a bit about them in this story, and now I just want to know more.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*