Lady Vice by Wendy LaCapra

Lady Vice - Wendy LaCapra

This is going to be a very interesting series.  I love that it takes a look at historical women who have found a way to take charge of their own circumstances and make a living - even if it is running a gambling yard.  They have found a way to be successful and I love how devoted to each other they are.

Lady Vice is married to an awful man, and when he is found murdered, people blame her.  She needs to bring her allies close quickly to find the true murderer before she finds herself at the hangman.  Enter her ex-love, Max.  Separated by a big of confusion, they have a lot of assumptions about the past they really need to deal with.  They have to learn to trust each other all over again, and that can be a difficult task.

My biggest complaint was that Max wasn't up front about everything from the beginning.  Everytime Lavinia finds out he wasn't forthcoming about something, she backs off and he can't seem to understand why.  The suspense behind this story was fantastic.  It really helped to carry the characters from page to page in a way that threw them back together again to work out their problems.  It was also a nice look into the other two Furies, which I'm sure will have their own book soon.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*