Of Brass and Magic by A.L. Kessler

Of Brass and Magic - A L Kessler

Two really fun steampunk stories.  Short stories can be a little hard - sometimes they just aren't long enough to get a full story into them.  Both of these balanced the length with the plot very well.  We had all the important parts and you still really fell into the story and got to enjoy it before it was all over.

In the first story Of Souls and Steam, we have a bit of a mystery/suspense theme.  Maryanne is out to find who is killing people when an even more intriguing thing literally walks (or stomps destructively) right past her.  Her investigation takes some very interesting turns and was really fun.

The second story, Of Fate and Gears,  was my favorite of the two.  Felisa works as fate, marking people for death to find.  But this case is different.  Not only can he see her, but his fate is completely unclear.  Their story is also full of surprises and just a bit of romantic element at times - but not what you would expect in an actual romance. The fates and how they worked was also a fun little addition and something I hadn't expected.

These are both fantastic reads for lovers of paranormal or steampunk.

Source: http://www.bittenbyromance.com/2015/03/review-of-brass-and-magic-by-al-kessler.html