Married to a Perfect Stranger by Jane Ashford

Married to a Perfect Stranger - Jane Ashford

A very different twist for a romance as our couple is already married.  Mostly an arranged marriage, they are separated after just a couple months as John is sent to China.  A lot can happen in 18 months apart, and the next time they see each other, they realize they may have changed more than they realized.

They go through many stumbling blocks as they try to start over and get to know each other once again.  It was a fascinating way to develop their relationship.  Since they were married and lived together, it set up so many interesting ways and things to learn about.  Throw in some fun servants, a young boy looking for "adventure", and a couple pranksters for friends - and there was a lot of good stuff going on.

John is trying to advance his position in the Foreign Office - but he keeps meeting hurdles along the way.  Some he sails across and others he falls flat on his face.  Mary is determined to help him and show that she is a supportive wife and valuable woman in his life.  It was really great.

I think what might have lost the fifth star was the final prank - I understand its point in the story, but the whole scene was just a bit too much compared to the way the rest of the story was written.  It was quite funny, it just didn't really fit.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*