Belong to the Night by Bridget Blackwood

Belong to the Night - Bridget Blackwood

I love going to visit World in Shadows.  There is such a great build up of the story that continues from book to book that is hard to resist.  The characters are so dynamic and developed.  While each book has its own story, they also add a new layer and progression to the overall series.

Elisavet is the first of her kind in hundreds of years.  Her change is dramatic and the shock waves travel well beyond her family.  The world is outraged than a human can be changed and this could be devastating to the constantly evolving relations between humans and the preternatural community.  The build up for this was amazing!

Now Manias is a man full of responsibility.  He has sooo much on his plate, but he gladly takes the care and teaching of Elisavet on - there's just something about her.  As a vampire that is constantly in control, he quickly finds himself overwhelmed and the only way he can guarantee Elisavet's safety is a very drastic step.  I got to learn a lot about the vampire culture and history, and it really helped build the world to something even more than it already was.

The ending just about gave me a heart attack.  It was so well done.  I had a feeling of satisfaction and conclusion for Manias and Elisavet, but there's a hook - not a cliffhanger - that is pulling me back to the world to read some more as soon as I can.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*