Tormented by Darkness (Inherited Damnation #2) by Claire Ashgrove

Tormented by Darkness - Claire Ashgrove

I am still very much loving the concept behind theses stories.  The perfect mix of good and evil captured in 8 siblings - each having to choose which way they want to go.  Rhiannon has chosen the good.  She's a healer and tries hard to avoid situations that may allow her darker side to emerge.    But you can't really avoid falling in love.  I like that the characters are falling in love with people that are already a part of their lives.  It makes the love seem more true and long-lasting than if they were love at first sight.

I had a harder time connecting to Mick.  He was just too "hard" for my taste.  Not that he wasn't well written - he has an amazing story and it's very well developed - he just wasn't my type.  I think his reaction to some of the events that happened during the "camping trip" were fantastic.  His outrage and disbelief were so believable and I really felt his confusion and betrayal.

This seemed a bit darker than book one - but I can't put my finger on why.  I really enjoyed getting to know another sibling, and we get a fairly good look at another, as well some visitors from book one.  I think as the series goes on and the father gets more pissy things are going to get very interesting.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*