Unethical (Drexler University #1) by Jennifer Blackwood

Unethical - Jennifer Blackwood

After finishing book two in the Drexler University series, I just had to read Payton's story.  They were such a cute couple in book two and I wanted to know how they got there.  Well, their journey was pretty rough.

With a father on trial for assisted suicide, Payton's medical ethics class is hell.  Thank god for Jules for helping her to stay sane.  But even Jules can't do too much when her ex-boyfriend shows up in the same class - and ex-boyfriend she ran from a few years ago after her father was arrested for helping to kill her mother.  Ya - sooooo not fun.

Blake and Payton both have reasons for not seeing each other for so long.  What I liked best was that both of them made mistakes and both of them had to apologize.  I liked that neither of them was perfect - it was so very real life and it was my favorite part of the story.  The part I didn't like was Andrew - even knowing that he had an important part to play, he was just too bad of a person.  I couldn't find a good reason for the girls to continue having them as part of their group.

This was a very emotional story for both Payton and Blake.  Payton needs to come to terms with what her father did, and Blake needs to learn to when to let her have her space and when to hold her close.  The end was incredibly satisfying.  I don't think I could have imagined a better one.

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