Breaking the Storm (Credence Curse #1) by Sedona Venez

Breaking the Storm - Sedona Venez

This book was just a little too harsh for my taste. It started out very well, but that ended up being just one chapter to introduce us to the curse and an ancestor. Both Knox and Storm refused to trust each other - and I never really understood the reasons why. We get a glimpse of them near the end, but it wasn't soon enough. It someone had just thought to open their mouth (preferable Knox) then things wouldn't have had a chance to turn into a story, but by starting things this way, it really tainted the story for me as well.

All the characters were a little too hard as well. They weren't just tough and resilient, they were hard in a way that made it difficult to get to know them and to fall for them as the leading characters. Even the side characters were overly tough - there wasn't any gentleness to balance it all out.

The concept behind the story and the history of the Credence family was well thought out and I enjoyed learning about it. I have a copy of book two, so I'm hoping that I can enjoy the character more in the next one.