Revealing Ruby (Bound and Determined) by Lavinia Kent

Revealing Ruby (Novella) (Bound and Determined) - Lavinia Kent

 As an erotic story, this was a pretty good one.  There was plenty of chemistry between Ruby and Captain Price and lots of hot sex to go along with it.  It was very well written and the historical setting really stood out in the story.

We get to see a little bit about the past of both Ruby and Captain Price, and his tattoo is truly something magical.  I can't image how much it had to have hurt - but it seems to be well worth it.  Ruby is fascinated with it and I think I would have been as well.  Unfortunately, this was about the extent of learning about the characters and getting to know them.  Even as a non-romance erotic novella, I still expect a little bit more story with the sex.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*