Impulse Control by Amanda Usen

Impulse Control (Entangled Indulgence) (Men of the Zodiac) - Amanda Usen

This book was tons of fun and it came really super close to getting that 4th star.  I loved watching Russ and Susannah interact, it was the perfect example of an opposites attract relationship.  Their conversations were witty and their accidental touches sparked some seriously hot thinking.

My favorite parts were watching them interact in each of their respective new environments.  Susannah showed just how tough she could be hiking a mountin in freezing temperatures (you sure won't find me doing anything like that - I need warmth).  This is when things really started for the two of them - in close quarters sharing a tent it was hard to to react to each other.  I was a bit disappointed in her side of the show.  While Russ got to take her into his environment for a few days, she only seemed to get a couple hours of "domestication" on her show with him.  The story carries it a bit further outside of her show, but I really wanted to seem him try to cook and clean while chasing a kid around.

Overall, this was quite fun.  There is some silly social media and blog posts that really helped to bring their relationship to life.  I just really wanted to see Russ cook asparagus.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*