Delucca's Marriage Contract (The Chatsfield #10) by Abby Green

Delucca's Marriage Contract (Harlequin LP PresentsThe Chatsfield) - Abby Green

This was an interesting story.  I really enjoyed Keelin.  She was fiery and smart.  And she came up with some pretty creative ways to try and get Gianni to run the other way.  It was quite amusing to watch her little schemes, and she comes very close to succeeding.  But Gianni is a smart man - and he's not about to give up the one thing that will seal the business deal he needs to change his image.

As far as arranged marriages go, this one was an odd one - mostly because I've rarely seen them in modern settings.  It did leave me really disliking Gianna near the beginning - he came off incredibly cold.  He quickly becomes more lovable though and as I got to learn more about him and his reasons, I could almost understand why he thought this was what he needed to do.

Of course there is some drama before they find their way to be together, no romance is complete without it.  Theirs was a little too contrived for my taste with people jumping to far-fetched conclusions that I just didn't quite believe.  Gianni and Keelin do make a very fun couple and the ending was just about perfect.

We get to see a little about how the rivalry between the two hotels has played out in Rome, but we don't really into that part of the overall story arc too much in this one.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*