Desired (Club Sin #3) by Stacey Kennedy

Desired: Club Sin - Stacey Kennedy

I really loved Ella and was excited to see how the vanilla girl would become what Master Kyler was looking for in a sub.   She has a bit of luggage in her past though - luggage she thinks she's overcome, but it is still standing in the way of her being truly happy.  A lot of this book is about situations that directly involve Ella's past and at times it was very interesting and thoughtful, but at other times it was just a little too much in her head and not enough out of it.

Kyler was a good guy, but he was probably my least favorite of the doms so far.  Now, that may sound bad, but he was still a great dom and he is competing against some really good characters from previous books.  He just thought he was right all the damn time, and sometimes he needed to listen to what Ella wanted instead of assuming he knew what it was instead.  And while he wasn't completely wrong - he was far from right as well.  This was my big problem with him - his "I know everything" attitude.

Their story remains very beautiful, perhaps even more so because of these character traits.  There were several times I thought the couple had fallen apart forever and somehow they managed to make it through and come out there other side even closer than they had been before.