Twice in a Blue Moon by Cate Masters

Twice in a Blue Moon - Cate Masters

The setting in Twice in a Blue Moon really got me - I soooo want to go see the Ice Hotel and the Northern Lights now.  The whole arctic wilderness was a fantastic setting for this romance.  Both characters love the wilderness - but for different reasons.  They thrive under very physical conditions, and I think I was expecting to see just a little more "stunts" from this.  It seemed like I wanted a little more wilderness adventure style to this sometimes.

There was a very slight paranormal aspect to the romance as Melanie feels the presence of her deceased husband very strongly at times.  But this is about as far from a ghost story as you can get.  This is about two very lonely people finally finding that perfect someone to complete them.

It was such a sweet story - and I loved the dogs.  How you can you not love sleigh dogs?  A few of them even had a very distinctive personality.  It was fun to see them worked into the story (along with a couple of real life reindeer).  I really disliked Melanie's co-worker, Hayden, though.  He was too much of a complete jerk.  Even the bad ones should have a reason or some other redeeming quality.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*