Somewhere My Love (Somewhere in Time #1) by Beth Trissel

Somewhere My Love - Beth Trissel

 Somewhere my love is an interesting mesh of a sort of time travel romance with a bit of a ghost story.  It also includes an great parallel to Hamlet, which is even better since they plan is an important part of the story line as well.  It was all put together very nicely with a bit of mystery thrown in as well.

The beginning of the book did run just a tad slow at times, there was a lot of groundwork to lay.  I was also a bit surprised at how easily people accepted Julia's craziness at times.  Most people wouldn't want much to do with someone who claimed to be destined to be with a man that died 200 or so years ago.  She was a very interesting character and the comparison to Ophelia that some made later in the book was quite fitting at times.

Will was, at first, your typical rich land owner.  He got more interesting as the book went on and he realized that Julia wasn't mad, but actually knew something.  They connected very quickly and there were a lot of references to feeling like he knew her already.  Will's mother was probably my favorite side character.  She was full of spunk and set in her ways - bound and determined that people would live their lives as she saw fit.  A great matriarchal figure.

The end gets exciting very quickly and the next thing you know, you just can't put the book down.  When all comes to light so many things begin to make sense and a lot of questions are answered quite nicely.