Bared (Club Sin #2) by Stacey Kennedy

Bared - Stacey Kennedy

Cora is such a fun character in book one, and I loved getting to know her better and even seeing a little more melancholy side of her.  Her relationship with Aidan appears to be a healthy dom/sub one, but deep down it is scarring them both.

Aidan is hiding from his past and not quite letting go of some emotions so he can truly move on.  This is causing his sub, Cora (who is totally in love with him) to slowly sink into an almost depression like state.  When it all finally comes out, they are both hurt and realize just how bad things have become.

Once again, Stacey Kennedy really delivers on the emotion.  It was a roller-coaster in an incredible  way.  You really feel like you are going on a journey with them and when you all finally make it to the other side there's an incredibly satisfying feeling.  There are a just a couple small places where she got a little too flowery with her language for my taste - but it is very minor.

I love this series even more now and I need to see who is next to fall in love.