Christmas, Actually

Christmas, Actually: The Christmas GiftThe Christmas WishThe Christmas Date - Anna Adams, Anna J. Stewart, Melinda Curtis

This was a really great series about a small town named Christmas Town!  The Christmas spirit is alive and kicking here, but there are a few residents that might need a little romance to keep their season jolly. The Banning family is about to find their true loves in some fairly unlikely places.

Callie's story (the second one) was my favorite of the bunch.  It was full of emotion and I'm always a sucker for a cute little kid.  This one was also a true Christmas miracle as the said cute little kid had given up on Christmas and family.  The ending had me full of misty eyes and smiles and laughs.

Jack's story had some interesting twists and turns to it.  There was a history to Jack that was very unexpected and heart wrenching.  I'm so glad that no one gave up on him and he was dragged (practically kicking and screaming) to where he needed to be to move and put his past to rest.

Gina's story was just a lot of fun.  She was my favorite character overall, and had an amazing personality - and some serious insecurities to go along with it.  When all was said and done, the entire family had a beautiful surprise and quite the merry Christmas.