Behind His Lens by R.S. Grey

Behind His Lens - R.S. Grey

This was a pretty good story, but I had a really hard time falling into the characters. Charley was a little too secretive - especially to me as a reader. I can understand her not wanting the world to know her past, but I got a little frustrated that I didn't understand why - because I didn't know what the secret was about. There's some hints along the way, but I was blind-sided when I found out what it really was.

Jude also has secrets. There were just too many of these to go around for me. His are just as deep seated and this becomes a case of two broken people making a whole once they put their pieces together. They are quite on again and off again, but it a very strange sort of way since they aren't ever "officially" on to begin with.

I wanted to have more of a personal connection to the characters, but I just never found it until the very end. I did enjoy that several of the side characters were well developed and I really enjoyed them throughout the whole story.