Hollywood on Tap (Sweet Salvation Brewery #2) by Avery Flynn

Hollywood on Tap - Avery Flynn

Salvation is a quaint little town that really doesn't like the resident Sweet family.  The Sweet triplets have returned after their uncle's death to get the family brewery back into shape - but things always seem to go wrong.  A little too wrong to just be bad luck.

Natalie is an OCD anxious mess most of the time.  She thrives on creating order out of chaos, and I'd really like her to visit my home office and whip it into shape for me.  Her best friends are her color coded pens, calendar, and lists.  The more I read about her, the more I loved her.  While my OCD shows off in a whole other fashion, I could really relate to her need to have things done just right.  Sean, on the other hand, isn't much for all this fancy crap that Natalie is trying to do.  He sees it as messing with his creative process and refuses to listen to a word she says.  He's kind of a jerk about the whole thing.

When they start feeling the sparks they are both quite surprised.  And when they are thrown together by chance in their own investigation of who might be sabotaging the brewery they realize just how much they spark together.  Sean just about blows it though by keeping too many secrets, and Natalie's need for control get in the way.  Their compromises were amazing - a true testament to how a relationship should work and I loved watching them navigate through their differences.

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