Claimed (Club Sin) by Stacey Kennedy

Claimed - Stacey Kennedy

I think the best part of this book was the deep bond that develops between Presley and Dmitri. They connect on very emotional level from the very beginning. They seem meant to be and find a way to help each other through past and present issues, especially for Presley. Watching their scenes together was very erotic and very touching.

Presley is new to the lifestyle, and she is a little nervous about the whole thing. She is what they call a natural submissive and this part of her personality has been taken advantage of in the past. Her most recent ex is quite a jerk as we find out very quickly. As Dmitri takes her under his wing, she blossoms. She comes into her own and realizes the power of her personality when gifted to the right people.

Dmitri is quite a dominant man, but he is not sure he would ever find a woman that matches what he is looking for in life. In Presley he finds quite a surprise. She intrigues him and he is drawn to her in a way that he has never felt before. Club Sin is his and it is run by his rules. The Club itself is a fascinating place. Very select in its membership and safe in its practices. I'm interested to see what other matches come from here.