Love Me to Death (Underveil #1) by Marissa Clarke

Love Me to Death - Marissa Clarke

Holy cow! I think this book managed to put just about everything I love about paranormal romance into one pretty package that I couldn't put down. Elena was perfectly written. I loved how she freaked out about everything at first - so believable. I hate when a human is introduced to the paranormal world and they are just like "ya, ok, that's cool." Come on - if you found out vampires and other crazy things existed you would freak out just like she did! It was perfect. It also takes her awhile to wrap her head around all the new things she's learning, and it sure doesn't help that Nikolai is supposed to rescuing her so that he can kill her. I'd be confused, too.

Nikolai is just as confused, but more because he has been misled. He knows in his gut that Elena isn't his enemy, but has heard for so long how horrible she is (yeah right) that he's very conflicted on what to do next. Thank goodness fate seems to get in the way and solve some of these problems while creating about a hundred more. There's a good reason this book is just over 400 pages long - because the author needed every word of it to create such a great romance story.

But that isn't where it ends! Yes, it gets better. All those hard core urban fantasy lovers out there get a kick butt world that is stuck in a war that the humans just don't realize is going on yet. In fact, the humans not knowing about the Underveil is the very point of the whole war. There are some really fun characters that I want to see more of. Aunt Uza was a riot - a hysterical crazy cat lady with a very fun twist. I wish my cats did what her's did.

There is lots of action, both sexy style and good old fashioned battle style. This is where Marissa Clarke's world building really shines. The way all the factions work together and against each other is quite beautifully written. With everything wrapping up into a great blow out of an ending. I am hooked.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*