Her Hot Number by Talia Hunter

Her Hot Number (Entangled Indulgence) - Talia Hunter

This book just about had it all. The hot bad boy with a heart of gold, a smart woman that knows what she wants, and a tropical paradise. With a history that goes back years for our main characters - one that's filled with untruths and assumptions that have haunted them both for years. So much goodness I couldn't believe it.

So Caylee is pretty damn smart. She's a mathematician working on some pretty heavy concepts, but may be losing her funding if she doesn't impress the new director. So off she goes to a conference at an island resort run by - or course - her crush from long ago - the one that loved her and left and she's still pissed at how she thinks he did it.

Blake is an amazing bad boy turned billionaire. He comes from a rough past and it never truly leaves him, but he's made the best of all the lessons he's learned and come out on top - and then some. He now owns the resort and jumps at the chance to help Caylee when her travel plays go awry. He also jumps at the chance to show her what he's made of himself. He feels the need to prove to this beautiful and smart woman that he's not the loser he seems to think she thinks he is.

Now, I mentioned they have a history - but it isn't didn't fall out the way either of them though it did. I'm not normally a huge fan of misunderstandings driving emotions in romances, but this one was written in a way that I could actually see it happening. Their assumptions were logical based on the way events played out and they never had reasons to doubt them - until now. Now the both need to be honest and own up to what they did and didn't do if they want to find out if they'll ever work.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

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