Groomed for Murder (Going to the Dogs #2) by Zoe Dawson

Groomed for Murder - Zoe  Dawson

This book was a bit of a disappointment for me. I had a difficult time believing a person like Brooke could exist. She was one of those overly perfect characters that's just far too good to be true. Drew was much more believable, and I actually enjoyed his part of the story. The torn feeling he had between following his work or following his heart and inner moral compass. 

Brooke's client that ends up suing her was quite a hoot - until she ends up dead. Now this event takes awhile to happen so we get to see a few very memorable scenes with the snooty woman that had me chuckling. I wish there had been more about this whole part of the story. There seemed to be no real investigation or reason to think Brooke did it - it was just handy to have that happen for the story. 

I would have liked to see Roscoe, the bulldog, more involved as well. When I see a book that invovles pets, I expect them to have more of a role than just the pet that happens to be in a lot of scenes.