Encounter at Shalana (Adventures of Kristy Ryan #1) by Angelia Almos

Encounter at Shalana (Adventures of Kristy Ryan, #1) - Angelia Almos

Encounter at Shalana got off to an amazing start. We have exciting characters, cool technology and spaceships, a mystery, and smugglers (gotta have smugglers). However, about a third of the way through it got very repetitive. Kristy breaks into several planets headquarters, and while each planet was very different (kudos to the imagination of the author), the way of piecing the scenes together was too much alike. 

Kristy and Andrew seem to have quite the on again off again type of relationship, but they still obviously love each other - while also annoying the crap out of each other. At times I wanted to bash their heads together and tell them to kiss and make up, and others I wanted to gag because they were way to love dovey. This is how the book went for me. It was very I love it - I hate it - I love it. 

This book was heavier on the science fiction than the romance, but there was still some love to be found between the pages.