Melt for Him (Fighting Fire #2) by Laura Blakely

Melt for Him: a Fighting Fire novel - Lauren Blakely

Megan was definitely the life of the party in this one. She is currently a wandering artist - having just left what sounds like an awful relationship - she is on her way to finally realize her dream. Her dream is an odd one - I'll let you find out what it is. On the way she makes a pit stop in her home town to take a quick job as the photographer for a fireman's calendar. Yes - the infamous calendar with half dressed firemen that sells as a fund raiser for the fire house. Every woman in town wants one, and all the fire fighters are anxious to see who will get the best photo.

Now, Megan has a history with fire fighters that she doesn't want to see repeated. They are strictly off the dating list (her fire fighter brother agrees), until she finds out that super hot guy she was flirting with is - of course - a fire fighter. They do the whole we can't do this, oh but we can, oh but we can't, oh but we can thing for a little bit, but it actually wasn't too much for me. This is usually a quick way for me to lose interest, but Lauren Blakely did it the right way! With a different reason to stay or go constantly coming up, it kept things interesting instead of getting repetitive. 

I just wish Becker had been a bit more interesting as well. He seems to be constantly playing off of Megan instead of having his own very set personality that shone through. She was just such a bigger personality that he got dwarfed a bit. Becker was also on the broody side. And while a little of that is mysterious and alluring, too much can turn me off. He was just a bit on the too much side. 

Overall, this was a really fun story though! Lots of fresh scenes, including some very interesting places to get down and dirty. 

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*