Fight for Me by Sharon Page

Fight For Me (Invitation to Eden Series) - Sharon Page

Unfortunately, this one got off to a rocky start for me. The first chapter is titled Xavier - so I assumed it was from his point of view. It's not. It's just where we meet him for the first time. Those of you who are not a fan of love triangles - this is one you should steer clear of as well. She does pick just one in the end, so the whole book revolves around this love triangle. Now, the triangles don't bother me all the time and this one was handled much better than most. Everyone was very in the know about the circumstances, and she didn't try to play one against the other - they did that to themselves.

The storyline of the book was very exciting. I love the concept of a fantasy island hidden away in the Bermuda Triangle. I may have to try more from the Invitation to Eden series. The island offers any type of fantasy you could want - they even have a dungeon. About half way through we are introduced to the suspense element of the story and I absolutely loved the way it was written. Drawn out just enough to make keep me reading and never really slowing down or dragging. The wrap up for everything at the end was just about perfect.

There is some light BDSM play, but nothing very hard core. It was more about exploring sensations than anything else. But this is also where the book lost me a little bit again. Most of the sexual encounters seemed very rushed and didn't always flow well. The scenes were often set up nicely, but I just didn't pull a lot of passion out of them.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*