Big Sky Country (Parable, Montana #1) by Linda Lael Miller

Big Sky Country - Linda Lael Miller

The beginning of this book almost had me putting it down. It took me forever to be able to tell the two half-brothers, Slade and Hutch, apart. It wasn't until I started seeing their families around them that their names really started to stick for me - which made some things a tad confusing at first. 

Now once I got that little piece of information down, the story was quite good. It was told in a slow, easy pace that seemed to reflect the life in Parable, Montana - a small town where everyone seems to know everyone and things take a long time to change. What I learned of the town was amazing, makes me want to visit to get away from the city and find a little peace and fresh air - and stare at all the cowboys.

The romance between Slade and Joslyn was very slow to build up. But that is what real life is like - it takes time to get to know someone all over again and make the decision to open your heart. Joslyn took a huge risk returning to Parable after her step-father did a lot of damage to a lot of people. She wants to fix what he did - but things aren't always as easy as they seem and she knows that.

Slade is dealing with his own family drama - the kind this small town will be talking about for ages. But he doesn't really seem to care about what the town thinks or talks about. He's going to sit and thing about things before making any decisions. That's just the type of guy he is. So when he sees Joslyn for the first time in years, he's taken aback. Especially by his body's reaction to her.

Theirs was a sweet and slow romance that you really just fell into to. It was a lazy afternoon of lounging in the sun just to enjoy it. I look forward to visiting Parable again to see what everyone is up to and find out who is next to fall in love.