Pirate Dave and His Randy Adventures (Handcuffs & Happily Ever Afters #1.5) by Robyn Peterman

Pirate Dave and his Randy Adventures (Career Ending Romance Spoof) - Robyn Peterman

This book will make absolutely no sense unless you have read book one - which was beyond amazing! 

What can I say - Pirate Dave & His Randy Adventures was as horribly awful as I expected - it was beyond hilarious and can totally see why it was a career killing novel. Seeing the whole story in one piece makes me love How Hard Can It Be even more. Please keep in mind that this book has done exactly what it was supposed to. It wasn't supposed to be a work of serious literature (or possible be considered literature at all). It is a spoof at it's best and I laughed the whole way through. 

You must all go and read book one (which is a really amazing romantic comedy) so can chuckle along with me when you read this one. 

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