Wind and Shadow (Talbot Trilogy #1) by Tori L. Ridgeway

[ WIND AND SHADOW: THE TALBOT SERIES, BOOK 1 ] By Ridgewood, Tori L ( Author) 2013 [ Paperback ] - Tori L Ridgewood

This was much different than what I expected at first. I expected something more romantic - with perhaps a HFN type of ending that fell apart in book two or something. That definitely didn't happen. In fact, there wasn't much happy in the ending at all. That being said, it definitely isn't a romance. It's all about a very very evil vampire trying to find his bride, a bride that doesn't want to be his. 

It is a pretty good urban fantasy though. I really enjoyed the very traditional take on vampires and the Wiccan aspect of witchcraft. Out main character, Rayvin, is a blast. I loved her attitude and how much she cared about others, even when they didn't see to care about her. I didn't like what happened to some of the side characters and I really hope Ridgewood has a way to change what their path appears to be. 

There is a love interest, Grant, but things don't seem to come together for them until later in the book. And as you know from the first paragraph of my review, it doesn't end well - at least not yet. I'll be picking up book two eventually. I sort of want to know how everything comes out next, the author definitely got me a little hooked.