The Last Rising (Curse of the Phoenix #1) by Rachel Firasek

The Last Rising - Rachel Firasek

This book was a great quick read. Ice has been doing penance for Osiris for two millennia for a crime that she doesn't understand, and she's getting really sick and tired of it. Her last trip ended in a fiery plane crash after saving a man named Turner, and to her amazement her next assignment puts her right back into Turner's life. Ice is determined not to let Turner into her heart, but finds it becomes harder and harder to deny their attraction is just physical. Turner is determined to prove to Ice that he is the right guy for her.

The characters had a surprising amount of growth and development for such a short book, and it was great to watch has Ice and Turner each taught the other important lessons on life and love. The book ends with quite a twist that I had no idea was coming and set me up to read the next book, The Last Awakening.