Inked Magic (Inked Magic #1) by Jory Strong

Inked Magic - Jory Strong

Two strong men and one strong woman make for an interesting story - throw in a serial rapist and the mob and it gets even more interesting. Etain doesn't do relationships - she hasn't since her mysterious "gift" caused problems. She can see and feel things - things she doesn't always want to see and feel. But she does the best she can with it, uses it to help others as much as she can. Etain is so bad ass that she was a bit much. I wish she had been a little more real. She was a motor cycle riding, tattoo artist, magic wielding, tough girl that didn't seem to be afraid of much of anything. 

Cathal and Eamon are both strong controlling men that don't really like to share. Somehow Etain manages to have her way with them without making the seem any less masculine. Their tenderness and care for her made them some amazing leading men. I liked that one of them struggled for a long time with the idea of sharing her with the other. But Etain needs them both, for different reasons. 

The story unfolds around Etains budding and developing abilities, the search for the Harlequin Rapist, and Cathal's mission to find who is responsible for his counsin's attack. Three big storyline manage to converge very nicely and wrap around each other very well. Although at first I thought the Harlequin Rapist was the one Cathal was after as well, but I think that's because I midread something. 

There are some fairly dark scenes in this book, especially when dealing with the victims of the rapes. While there are no very detailed scenes of the attack, the emotional impact and impression is very tangible. The author handled this very sensitive subject with taste, but with honesty as well. This book had a definite noir feeling to it. I pictured the scenes in dark tones with flashes of vibrant colors. Book two, Inked Destiny, in on the shelf waiting for me.