Risky Surrender (Take a Risk #2) by Robin Bielman

Risky Surrender (Take a Risk #2) - Robin Bielman

I didn't even realize this was a series until I went to write my review - so it's safe to say this can be read as a complete stand-alone.

I grew up loving archaeology and historical sites, so this book seemed like it would be right up my alley. Lucy is a bit of a tomb raider type - only not nearly as destructive. She prides herself on getting in and getting out with the artifact without being caught or causing any damage. Keats prides himself on restoring sites and keeping everything where it belongs - which is not in Lucy's hands. They first meet as she gets away with an artifact on his boat and when she shows up again at another preservation site, he knows he's in trouble.

Sparks flew for Keats the moment he first met Lucy, he just didn't know who she was or how to find her (and the ring she stole). He's determined to show her that her skills can be put to a more legal use and her life should be spent with him. Lucy isn't so sure. She's used to being on her own and has quite a bit of personal baggage she carries around with her. 

I loved their chemistry and how their interests were so similar, but still kept them in different worlds. Their relationship was a hard one to get started, and you're never quite sure if it really will succeed until the very end. With a couple outside characters that help breathe some life and humor into the story, as well as a great atmosphere this was a very enjoyable read.


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