The Duke's Shotgun Wedding by Stacy Reid

The Duke's Shotgun Wedding (Entangled Scandalous) - Stacy Reid

When lady Jocelyn stormed the house of a Duke with a derringer I know I was going to love her. She is probably one of most "modern" historical romance leading ladies I've seen. Not afraid to speak her mind and demand what she wants - she's sometimes surprised to find out she just may get it. Sebastion, the Duke of Calydon, is fascinated with the angry and passionate woman holding a gun on him. So different than the meek little flowers of the ton, he is instantly captivated. 

What starts as a very strained and confrontational relationship quickly escalates into one with mutual respect, but with the Duke not willing to share the reasons for some of his decisions, it may just all fall apart around them both. This was a great romance with a lot of fire and passion in both characters. (But Jocelyn really made the book click for me). 

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*