What the Heart Wants (Good Gods #2.5) by Staci Hart

What the Heart Wants (Good Gods 2.5) - Staci Hart

I fell in love with the sisters in Snake in the Grass and it seems many others did as well. So Staci decided to write a little of the history - where Aphrodite and Hera go head to head in a battle for love. This gives us a look not only into the mortal past, but gives us a glimpse of the rivalry that has existed for a millenium between the two goddesses. 

The story isn't as eventful as the others in the series, but it is written a lot shorter as well. That doesn't stop th characters from really shining though. Katsu seems to be such a hard-ass tough guy, but when he's around Kim he just melts into a gooey ball of lovingness. It's incredibly sweet how much he cares about her, and how caring about her completely changes his life. We don't seem to get a lot about Kim though. If there had been just a little more about getting into her head I think I would have given this another full 5 stars. 

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