The Rancher's Second Chance (Passion Creek) by Victoria James

The Rancher's Second Chance - Victoria  James

These books can be read as stand alones - the characters do not cross over for more than a couple paragraphs in passing. 

This book is about more than just one man's second chance - it's about a second chance for both Cole and Melanie, just in drastically different ways. Cole is grump and short and doesn't seem to like anything since his wife died several years ago. Even though he promised her to move on, he never really has. He is determined to see the ranch succeed and doesn't need some high society girl like Melanie to help him do it. 

Melanie is not what she seems to most people. Coming from a incredibly wealthy family, most look at her and think "trust-fund kid". But she left that life far behind her for a variety of painful reasons that she chooses not to speak about - ever. She's now a struggling business owner just like most people in Passion Creek. 

Melanie was hired by Cole's sister to plan her wedding - which has placed her in his path more than he really likes. Especially since there seems to be something special, different, about Melanie that he can't seem to wrap his mind around. This is the story of them trying to open up and heal each other's hearts - trying to find a way to move forward and past all the painful memories and moments that have been holding them back. 

A very sweet story with some sass that Victoria James seems to enjoy spreading around - and I really appreciate her doing so. Some of the dialog about short people with blotchy faces was great (you'll know what I mean when you get there). 

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*