The Cinderella Makeover (Suddenly Cinderella #2) by Hope Tarr

The Cinderella Makeover - Hope Tarr

We got to meet Francesca, Ross's ex-wife and Samantha's mother, a few times in book one.  She was fun and sassy and oh so very Britsh.  As a famous photographer she traveled a lot, but is not looking to settle down and rebuild her relationship with her daughter.  Her ticket is a new reality show where she is one of the Greg's coaches.  Greg seems to have it all, but can't find love, so he enters a reality show to transform himself into a new person - with a little help from Francesca.  Their chemistry on the set is amazing, but when he finds out she made a bet on his success he turns his back on her.  With the end of the season quickly approaching,


Francesca will have to pull out all the stops to get him to take her back. I adored Francesca.  She was arrogant, very much a clothes snob, and totally stereotypically british - I loved it all.  She was my favorite character from this series (although I haven't read the short novella yet)