Operation Cinderella (Suddenly Cinderella #1) by Hope Tarr

Operation Cinderella - Hope Tarr

 This was a great introduction to this series.  Macie is a hot headed liberal and Ross is an ultra conservative family man that are at each other's throats professionally.  When Macie goes undercover to find a deep dark secret she can use against him, she doesn't expect to find the type of guy she could fall in love with and a teenage daughter that needs her.  This was a very cute story with lots of laughts and "awwwww" moments.  I especially loved the relationship Macie developed with Ross's daughter, Samantha.  It was very sweet and touching how they helped each other out and in the end Samantha was a very important force bringing them together. 

Source: http://www.bittenbyromance.com/2014/01/review-suddenly-cinderella-bundle-by.html