Ashes by Sarah Gilman

Ashes - Sarah Gilman

I'm a complete sucker for the odd shifter types, and I've never run across a phoenix shifter before. This book took the lore of the Phoenix and owned it, integrating it perfectly into a new shifter species. The majority of this story covers the first couple months of Ambrosia's pregnancy and her coming to terms with the fact that she'll be having a phoenix baby. There are a few good freak outs before being forced (in a good way) into believing.

Reece is a great guy - willing to step up and take responsibility for his new family, while protecting them from the prejudices of his old family. The blurb really doesn't do the book justice at all. There is plenty of action at the beginning, but it settles down into a very beautiful and emotional romance. Perhaps Sarah Gilman could write another beautiful Phoenix story about Reece's sister. She sounded like she needed a little love in her life.