Christmas Comes to Main Street

Christmas Comes to Main Street (The Briar Creek Series) - Olivia Miles This was such a great Christmas story. It was full-on holiday theme, but without getting overly sweet (unless you count the goodies Kara makes in her bakery - they sound delish)! Our leading characters had more in common they they first think - especially after a very bumpy first impression. Both are driven, business-oriented, and out to prove themselves to the world. But they have different ways of doing that. It was fun to see how two people were so similar and yet so very different in how they went about getting things done. Christmas was everywhere, from the decorations at the B&B, the bakery's goodies, and the all important (seriously - very important) holiday house competition. This competition sounds like fun, but with a prize on the line, it gets very serious very quickly - but thankfully our couple doesn't let it get in the way - too much. All these little holiday touches set such a perfect stage for the romance. Christmas Comes to Main Street will definitely put you in the holiday mood with lovely characters, a great setting, and the perfect romance. I think I'll have to check out more from Briar Creek, because this was definitely a winner. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*