Theo by Desirae Grove

Theo (The Regiville Tales, Book One) - Desirae Grove

Eve is an interesting character. She's far from looking for a guy when one seems to find her. Their meeting was a little awkward - but what isn't about some of the college years? The drama of their meeting is stolen a little bit by her roommate and best friend - and this continues throughout the story. Her best friends seems to steal the show when they are in a room together.

Theo is old - like really, really old. While he tries to keep up with the times, Eve can tell he's a little off. But she still want to know more. Their romance seems to follow the typical vampire/human theme with one notable exception - Agatha.

Agatha was a hoot. She's the bad guy - but I loved her. She had tons of character and was just crazy enough without going too overboard for the story. The suspense takes you for quite the ride - and I really wish the sister was a little more of a sympathetic character throughout the whole story.

An intriguing start to the series. I'll have to keep catching up and see what happens next.