Ruin by Rachel VanDyken

Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken

This was an incredibly emotional ride. There were a few times I expected everything to go wrong and turn into a tragedy - but we do have an HEA, and this was one of the best New Adult romances I've read in a long time.

That doesn't mean it wasn't perfect. There were a few places I rolled my eyes just a tad and said "Yeah right." But they were minor in comparison to the chemistry and love between Wes and Kiersten. An unlikely pair from the very beginning, it takes them a long time to realize they are more alike than anyone (even the reader) really thought. Rachel Van Dyken leads the reader on quite the ride trying to figure out what is going on with Wes, and have a box of tissues handy for when it all comes out.

They are one of those couples that everyone seems to envy, and they are just so adorable together you sometimes want to get a little sick (but in a good way). There are some amazing friends in the story that really help bring out everyone's personality in a way that had me laughing right along with them.

I want more "Wes Words of Wisdom" - that guy has some seriously good moments and speeches. I have put Rachel Van Dyken on my inta-buy list for new titles and she has quite the backlist for me to explore - I can't wait to start!