A Promise of More by Bronwen Evans

A Promise of More - Bronwen Evans

We get to briefly see Beatrice and Sebastian at the end of A Kiss of Lies, book one in The Disgraced Lords series. A Promise of More takes us back a few days to when they first meet, and that meeting is one to remember. When Sebastian fishes Beatrice out of the Thames, he never expects what comes out of her mouth - a proposal. With the death of her brother, their family is about to go to the poor house, and Beatrice thinks Sebastian owes it to them to save the day - by marrying her.

This isn't the set up for a happy marriage. Sebastian killed Beatrice's brother in a duel and I really enjoyed the way Beatrice was portrayed as dealing with the fact that she was about to marry his killer. Resolved and accepting of her situation, she is determined to try and make the best of it all.

But of course, things are never as they seem at first. And when they both begin to feel the inevitable attraction to each other, well, it gets very interesting. Our villian from the first book is still in play and causing all sorts of problems, but the Libertine Scholars may be one step closer to finding out who she is.

I enjoyed the back and forth between Sebastian and Beatrice, but there was just a little spark of something that seemed to be missing. I had a hard time imagining Beatrice finding pleasure in the arms of the man that killed her brother as well, although this ends up being a little different than what they both thought. They still thought he had killed her brother, and then have great sex still. I had a hard time believing it.

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