The Heart of an Alpha b G.A. Hurst

Heart of an Alpha (Wolf Shifter Series Book 1) - GA Hurst

I really enjoyed the background of the world G.A. Hurst has built. With an ecological disaster nearly wiping out the population and humanity forced to learn how to live again without all our luxuries, it was a believable near future concept. Combine this concept with some wolf-shifters and you have a great start to a story.

There is a good dose of adventure and action in the book that really helps to round out the characters and the push the romance a long a bit. Nothing like the fear of being captured or killed by rogue werewolves to make you want to fall in love! Gage was an amazing guy/wolf. I loved how he fought to let her make the decision about being with him - knowing that if she chose not to it would be devastating for him. There was a bit of a jealousy issue brought up at the beginning that I think could have been done without though.

Rissa was a strong woman - and maybe a little too good at all the weapons to be completely believable. But I still loved her character. She asked good questions and really pushed for answers when things happened that she didn't understand. The only real concern, as I mentioned with the weapons, was that she was too good at things. She seemed to catch on so quickly and adapt so easily that at times I just thought "yeah right."

Overall, a very fun book to read. I'm interested to see what happens with everyone in the next part of the series.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review.*