HeVan Sent by Lucy Kelly

HeVan Sent (The Nephilim Book 1) - Lucy Kelly

I really loved the society and history Lucy Kelly has created in this story. She has gone to great lengths to give the reader a new and different world that is just similar enough for us Earthlings to relate to. When the Hevanthians injured queen crash lands on Earth, her only thought is to keep her people alive and well, and part of that involves procreating with the natives.

Generations later, Addie stumbles upon a find that will completely blow her mind - and she is suitable shocked. It's a pet peeve of mine when characters accept things a little to easily, but Addie handles this sudden change in her life realistically and bravely. Although I'm sure the fact that her discovery includes a boatload of hot guys that all seem to adore her helps a little. There are some side characters (which I'm assuming come into the story more later) that accepted a little too easily for me, but Kelly did a good job of trying to explain why and most of the time I believed her.

The romance was a little sudden - but I tend to see that a lot in fated mates type of stories. And at times things tended to jump around a little too much with not a lot of transition from one issue to another. This was a great start to a series with a solid base for many more happy couples (triples? quads? I'm not sure what to call them) in future books. The men needed to have a little more backbone at times. They caved a little too easily to Addie's demands at times and a nice conflict of differing opinions is a great way to show some personality and how the characters think. I hope to learn more about HeVan and what's happened since the queen left. It sounds like a fascinating place.

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